Polish Silver Eldorado

Poland is no1 in the world among largest global mined silver producers, in 2011 according to GFMS, World Silver Survey 2012 and in the top ten among largest global refined copper producers CRU International, Copper Quarterly April 2012.
 All the production of these metals come from the same copper ore in south-western Poland. Silver and also some amount of gold are by-products after the production of copper.
 All these metals are mined and produced by Poland's biggest and richest company- KGHM.
Majority of copper produced in KGHM is exported to China which is world’s biggest consumer of this metal. Silver and gold is mainly exported to the Great Britain to HSBC bank. The gold then is transported to Switzerland.

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Miners look at a vehicle which set off fully loaded with copper ore one kilometer, ~0.62 mile underground in the Rudna mine in Polkowice, Poland on Nov. 19, 2012.
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